Our Journey

Unapologetic Femininity

Leela & Ella, the sweet and sultry swimwear and lingerie brand was established in Bangkok to amplify who you are. More than a clothing brand, Leela & Ella vocalizes self-expression, the version of yourself you always dream of; the best version of yourself within you.

Delicate, dare to wear with a hint of spice, Leela & Ella’s vixen is a rebel who knows when to behave. She is sweet but also knows when to be spicy. She is smart, full of surprises, and is not afraid to show her naughty side whilst remaining feminine.

Visionary Aesthetics

Dare to Express

Every element of Leela & Ella, from our thoughtfully chosen fabrics to our provocative yet tasteful designs, speaks to our muse's dual nature. Her innocence is reflected in our lovingly crafted materials, while her temptress side is represented by the subtle spice in our designs. She’s unapologetic, aware of her worth, but also knows her limits.

With a blend of quick wit and astute sense of timing, she embodies intelligence and rebellion. At Leela & Ella, we don’t just create garments—we craft a language for self-expression. This is a celebration of you, the passionate, the dreamers, and those who dare to claim what they want. It's your time to shine.